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Laser Cutting

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Our state-of-the-art high-speed laser cutting systems can cut a variety of metals from stainless steel, mild and high tensile steels to various alloys and exotic metals. We use both CO2 and Fiber Optic cutting systems.

complex laser cut part with bent forms

CO2 and Fiber Optic Cutting

MBS provides laser cutting services to OEMs and customers across many industries. We have CO2 gas laser machines and a full line of fabrication equipment to handle all types of jobs, from prototyping to long production runs. CAD system integration enables us the flexibility to fabricate laser cut parts from customer-provided blueprints, CAD files, drawings, or even sample pieces.

high precision laser cutting from MBS

Laser Cutting Advantages

We cut parts from aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel copper and brass. Our laser cutting machines provide high repeatability, guaranteed part reproduction and a narrow kerf. Laser machining is a non-contact cutting method that enables MBS to fabricate parts with minimal distortion and consistent, burr-free cuts, which reduces subsequent finishing operations. Our laser cutters can process metal sheets with sizes up to 3/4 inch thick by 6 feet wide and 13 feet long.